Tarot Motore 4114/320Kv arancione

Motore 4114/320Kv arancione

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Tarot Motore 4114/320Kv arancione
Tarot Motore 4114/320Kv arancione Tarot Motore 4114/320Kv arancione
More Information
Manufacturer Tarot
Manufacturer SKU TL100B08-02
Lenght 39.5 mm
Diameter 60.7 mm
Rotor type Outrunner
Motor type Brushless
Gearbox No
Rotation CCW - Standard, CW - Reverse
More Information
Weight 148 g
Kv (rpm/v) 320
N. of LiPo cells 4, 5, 6
Propeller axis diameter 4 mm
ESC 35-40A
Application Drones
Power 420 W

Tarot 4114/320KvMotore brushless a cassa rotante ideale per multirotori.
Fornito con l’attacco per l’elica stile dji, asse centrale 4 mm e fori di fissaggio 3 mm.

- Stator diameter: 41mm
- Stator end thickness: 14mm
- Number of stator end: 24
- Motor pole number: 22
- Motor essential resistance: 126mΩ
- Wire diameter: 0.31mm
- KV: 320
- Current without load: 0.5A
- Axis diameter: 4mm
- Body length: 32mm
- Overall length: 37mm
- Outer diameter: 46mm
- Weight: 148g

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