Tarot GOPRO T4-3D 3axis brushless gimbal

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GOPRO T4-3D 3axis brushless gimbal

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Tarot GOPRO T4-3D 3axis brushless gimbal
Tarot GOPRO T4-3D 3axis brushless gimbal Tarot GOPRO T4-3D 3axis brushless gimbal

More Information
Manufacturer Tarot
Manufacturer SKU TL3D01
Axels number 3 assi
Camera GoPRO 3 - 4 (not included)

Tarot T4-3D three-axis-stabilized head designed for GOPRO HERO3 / HERO4 same size and weight of the camera customization, integrated TAROT series PTZ all high-end technology. Using a combination of aluminum and plastic structure, bringing light weight and stability of the strongest, even in extreme harsh environments, also accurate to lock the camera to maintain a high degree of stability, output ultimate experience of fine industrial grade screen, is the best choice for professional video and aerial photography enthusiasts.
Tarot T4-3D-axis auto-PTZ PTZ advanced control algorithms, the built-in stand-alone IMU precise attitude control PTZ, PTZ integrated servo drive module. Support point to follow (PF) and the first person (FPV) modes. All the power and signal lines subtly embedded in the head structure. Pitch axis speed-controlled, the amount of rocker lever corresponding pitch axis rotation speed, the greater the amount of rotation of the lever faster.
Product Features:
Support computer interface set
Point follow mode (PF)
First-person mode (FPV)
Built-in independent IMU modules
TAROT PTZ dedicated servo drive module
AV output interface
Wide range voltage input support
Support conventional receiver / S-Bus receiver / DSM receivers
Peripheral equipment:
Support Camera Type: GOPRO HERO3 / HERO4 same size and weight of the camera
Input Power: 2S ~ 6S LiPo battery
Mechanical / electrical characteristics:
Angle control accuracy: ± 0.02 °
Maximum controllable speed:
Pitch direction (TILT): ± 200 ° / s
Controllable range of rotation
Pitch direction (TILT): -120 ° to + 15 °
Operating Current: 30mA (@ 25V) 50mA (@ 12V)
Stall Current: 350mA (@ 25V) 700mA (@ 12V)
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Weight: 178g
Size: 99mm × 88.5mm × 105.6mm
Scheduling software installation requirements:
Windows XP; Windows VISTA; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)
Triaxial brush head × 1
PTZ control module × 1
PTZ and PTZ main body cable × 1
5V output, the receiver and video cable × 1
USB module × 1
Flight control cable × 1
Box × 1

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