Reward Points

How does it work?
It 's very simple, for every order placed on our website you accumulate reward points that can then be used to discount your future purchases.
You can also accumulate points by reviewing products.
You will be notified by email when any change occurs in the balance of your reward points, whether they are earned or spent.

Participating in the points collection does not cost anything, you just have to register. Every point you have acquired will be valid for 60 days. You do not need to remember the deadlines because in the My Reward Points page of your reserved area, you will get a complete view of the points earned and spent and you will be notified by email near the deadline.

You can use your reward points immediately with your next order, no minimum accumulation is required.
With reward points you can discount up to 100% of the amount of the cart (including shipping costs).
During checkout you will see a special button [Apply the Reward Points] that will allow you to apply the points to the cart, if the total in Euro of your points is higher than the total cart, the difference will remain reserved for the future.

-The Reward Points can have different values according to the customer category (Private or Retailer).
-The Reward Points for cash on delivery orders will be credited by the system as soon as we receive the courier delivery confirmation, on average 3 days after delivery.
-The Reward Points acquired with obvious reviews or massive shares, for the sole purpose of accumulating discounts, may be canceled, please use the system for what it is, a utility for users.